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Yes, we are still in the game.

Actually, everything has begun around a ‘ball’.


Awareness of being a team..

Enjoying and entertaining…

Achieving the goals…

Even crossing the limits…


  • When you step out of your childhood into adulthood, game world always remains in the past. For us, the game always continues.

The most entertaining way to color the world of adults: Staying in the game.

Speaking about staying in the game, let’s think about it:

When was the last time you played ball?

When was the last time you skipped rope?

When was the last time you ran with your friends?

Who are “Tunçeri”?

What does “Tunçeri” do?

In 2000, Tunçeri was founded by our national basketball players Kemal and Kerem Tunçeri brothers and their partner Haluk Acar. Our adventure started with sports schools first, then we continued to organize tournaments and social responsibility projects throughout Turkey.
We never stopped, as we grew, our games grew. We have always added new things to the game with our Team Building activities.
We continue our activities especially for M.I.C.E. sector, for shopping centers, hotels and also for fair, congress and launching activities. We continue the game without losing speed; we add a new one to our events every day.

We are not stopping, we are not tired!

We follow the technological developments in the world and strive to be the leader of the sector with innovative solutions. Everything has a kitchen. And we have positioned our kitchens in Antalya, Istanbul and Cyprus. We work diligently to make the best in these kitchens every day.

Sports is irreplaceable for us. We welcome teams from Turkey and central Europe in our camp center in Bolu. After the pre-season camp period, we continue to organize international tournaments with our teams. We are play makers, team captains. Now with this experience, we are working to create your games and set up your teams.

PARKOURS: We have eyes and ears everywhere.

We search, listen, develop and produce for you!

We follow all the developments in the international arena; and we either import new Parkours, Technologies, Team Building activities, or we produce them and get patents.

The biggest features of all our products are; they are portable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor; their difficulty levels can be determined and they can be adapted to the desired concept with branding areas.


We follow the technological developments in the world in order to take our different and high quality service approach one step further. Our mission is to integrate the latest technology into our activities at all times.

We support your meetings, fairs, congress, launching and team building activities with our new generation technological services. We make your brand known with new generation technologies; and while we add value to your product, your participants live unforgettable experiences.

Our main factor that makes our technologies different is that we have software systems that can be prepared specifically for your brand, which not only makes your events unique, but also lets you sign your signature.


Entegrating our experiences with professional trainings, individuals, teams and institutions is an important part of our work.

  • Observing and reporting of experiences by participants
  • Measurement by associating with inventories designed specifically for the institution,
  • Evaluation by instructors who are expert in their field,
  • Supporting the training, reporting and measurements with our available materials such as parkours, game groups, activities etc. which will be selected according to the subject.
  • Supporting with personalized and company-specific kits (trainings),
  • Dissemination of the process; decoration and follow-up with designs and workshops suitable for different learning styles (where time and resource pressure is felt)
  • Measurements of business results and level of ROI, depending on the need for special designs
  • Digital refresher seminars, training and learning tools,


In our workshops, we share with you the experience and knowledge of our expert instructors with a program.

We gather all types of workshops under a single roof and arrange them in a way that no materials are needed for participants.

In addition, with our complete service concept in our events, we ensure that the participants receive the most effective training and have a pleasant time.


These are new-generation activities that astonishes even those groups who say “We’ve already done it all”.

We’ve changed our perspective a bit, and we’ve reshaped the existing activities in our own way.

With the projects that add innovation to industry such as Wall Team and Knowledge & Performance Contest, we achieved a big success in activities.

In doing so, we combined different competition concepts from achieving together to measuring information.



If you think “What kind of motivation activity my group needs”, let us handle it together!

We design, create and perform. You just enjoy. With the exciting activities in the colorful spaces we have created with our project team, you will have different experiences you are always looking for, as well as competition and rivalry.

We have designed many different concepts from ‘Survivor’ to ‘Olympics’ and from ‘New Generation Technologies’ to ‘Workshops’.

The fact that our content is completely flexible will make it easier for you to choose.